Fun Love + Festivities!!

I KNEW I was going to love working with Jaynelle + Joaquin right after I scheduled our first in-person consultation, when Jaynelle hesitantly asked me if it would be ok meeting her & Joaquin at Yard House…? She knew the only way to get Joaquin interested in attending our meeting, is if beer was involved. I was overjoyed to be meeting them for a drink! We spoke the same language! :)

Not only did they enjoy delicious libations, but they also understood the vision for their wedding… the kind of vision I can get onboard with, right away! They were excited to have a wedding and were really wanting to emphasis the real meaning of that day for them. Family/friends, good food, booze, dancing and a REALLY Good Time for everyone!! Jaynelle loved the moody color scheme and vintage décor, but she didn’t want to make the entire day about how much money they had spent on design. More about love and all the relationships that were coming together that evening. The best part/most embarrassing portion of our first meeting; was when I accidentally called Joaquin, Quinoa!! #Mordified!! We all got a big laugh out of that awkwardness, especially when the couple both pretended not to hear my slip up! I called myself out and we were dying!! (Insert Laughing/Crying Emoji Here)

Fast forward months later and we all met again at their venue; the historic Upland Woman’s Club. I immediately fell in love with the space. From the white stucco exterior, red shingled roof, breath taking arched windows, brick accents and lush, green trees that framed the building. To the dark, wooden beamed ceilings and crown molding, the antique, gothic chandeliers, Spanish style doorways and original hardwood floors, on the interior.

Family gathered inside, on that breezy January evening to walk through the ceremony and prepare for the following day’s celebration. It was such a welcoming feeling to be surrounded by a team of people, taking the night off to assist with the folding of napkins, setting of tables and partake in pizza/adult beverages.

The following day the bride anxiously slipped into her wedding dress and finalized touches, before sneaking out onto the back porch to surprise her future husband with a peak of his forever! The two of them were making us all laugh as they posed for photos and interacted… and they SERIOUSLY took the BEST moody shots!!

We tucked away Jaynelle afterwards, as guests arrived and took their seats for the ceremony. Jaynelle’s uncle officiated the ceremony and the couple were announced as husband and wife shortly there after!

Lots of delicious Italian food, story telling, drinks being drank and dancing (can’t forget that there was a beautiful surprise of folklórico dancers during dinner) followed!!!! The best, was the father of the bride’s speech… he shared of the long relationship that he had witnessed between Jaynelle and Joaquin. He talked about their struggles and the strong love that they had for one another and how it always brought them back together. He knew his daughter was entering into a marriage of substance and eternity. It was touching to witness a dad speak such wonderfully confident words about his daughter’s future with her now husband.

The family was SO VERY sweet and assisted with the clean up of the space, everyone worked as a community. It was pretty awesome to be apart of that day!

On a random side note… one of my favorite parts about this wedding/bride, was Jaynelle’s insistence of referring to her father by his first name, Marty. They spoke to each other like close friends and it warmed my heart, while making me laugh. :)

It’s couples like Jaynelle and Joaquin, that make my job worth while. They were down to earth and a couple that embraced life; the good bad and the funny. They appreciated the true meaning of a marriage and the celebration that accompanies it. It was truly a pleasure being able to plan/coordinate with them!

Erin James