Where do I begin…

A wedding that I will forever remember; for it’s beauty, originality, moments of unexpected reality but most of all, the genuine and truly awesome couple that I had the honor of planning with, over the course of several months!!

This affair took place in the distant and quaint establishment of Joshua Tree Inn. Weddings in reclaimed hotels/motels in the vastness of the desert have become very trendy within the last few years. However, this venue may have been overlooked by the average couple, but not by Nusrat and Jason. They took a liking to this little get away, becoming what you might say as “regulars” to this small town and all it’s hidden gems. :)

The day of our walk through, as I pulled up to the white brick, reddish-brown trimmed exterior, complete with a chestnut door and touches of green cactus here and there. It felt like pulling up to someone’s desert home and I knew whatever was waiting for me inside, I would LOVE it! Was I ever right!

Nusrat and Jason united their families and celebrated their love on a warm October evening! Guests gathered on the terrace, as they were greeted with sunshine, bubbly and sparkling lemonade. Behind the scenes, the couple and their closest loved ones casually prepared for the joyous occasion, with laughter and libations! It wasn’t long before, it was time to get the couple down the aisle!

Their dearest friends Elizabeth and Michael led the way for the unconventional couple, as they had been selected to officiate the ceremony. Nusrat and Jason graced their guests with their presence, arm in arm and grins from ear to ear!! The officiants presented a beautifully written message, accompanied with custom vows that were so well fitted to the couple’s personalities and their story. The ceremony concluded with the presentation of garland necklaces for both Nusrat and Jason, the gifting of a precious stone and an exit raining with colorful flower petals. One of my most FAVORITE processionals and photos!! Their smiles were priceless!

Guests were then directed poolside for cocktail hour as Nusrat and Jason captured some amazing golden hour photos. One of the best parts of the cocktail hour, was the very intimate group photo that was shot, just before guests were seated for dinner. Wine was poured, food was enjoyed and lovely words were shared, under market lights in the courtyard, accented with organic desert touches and boho/tropical vibes. All collaberating so well with one another!

Everyone eventually found themselves back at the stage where the ceremony had taken place, but chairs were cleared and a glittery disco ball was hung!

I know I’ve said “my favorite” a few times throughout this reflection of Nusrat and Jason’s wedding, but I mean it every time! With that being said, the music/dancing were some of my favorite moments!! Did I mentioned that Jason is in a band and his mom, dad and other family members are also VERY musically talented!! Their performances were SO AMAZING and simply memorable because it was the whole stinking family up on stage at any given point throughout the night! I don't think anyone could have given a better gift to them. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it, SO AWESOME!!!!!

And I’ll end on that note! ;) And pizza…because about ten boxes of delicious pizza was delivered for late night snacks! :)